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2021 Reality Check

We're living in a world where the pace of change and business transformation is speeding up at a relentless rate!  The calendars may have gone forward, yet conditions and emotions remain consistent with last year's uncertainty.  Many leaders and their teams are struggling to cope with overwhelm, change fatigue and burnout and this is impacting productivity, culture and personal wellbeing.



We are making mindset, mental health and modern psychology mainstream.

You're in the right place if you want to evolve your team's self-leadership and team success strategies with a blend of psychology, neuroscience and change management.  This is about educating, engaging and energising others to take action.  Why?  It's time to transcend uncertainty and chaos.  It's time to embrace change and the opportunities it presents.  And it's time to feel energised to lead yourself and others through fast-paced change expectations in more resilient ways.

Event Planners, Book Your Next Speaker: 

Invite Sydney-based Change Fatigue & Resilience Specialist, Ciara Lancaster to come and speak with your team at your upcoming planning day or conference.

Put simply, in a world of relentless organisational change and business transformation, I help leaders and teams to awaken to:

  • Change fatigue and burnout risks and realities
  • Psychological safety and nervous system implications
  • Stress management and mindset for personal success
  • Connection and collaborative risk-taking for team success
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Ciara Lancaster

Watch Ciara's latest tv interview with Sky News, speaking on change fatigue and resilience.

The Backstory  


As a former Change Manager at Deloitte Australia (leading teams of 500+ through change), I observed a common theme where brilliant leaders were becoming incredibly stretched with endless change expectations, over and above their core work.  Behind closed doors, many shared vulnerabilities including worry, emotional turmoil and rumination at night.  Determined to make a difference, I began researching, connecting with thought leaders and neuroscientists and writing my first book 'Reimagine Change' to fill the coaching gap inside organisations and workplaces.

Read the book: 

'Reimagine Change: Escape change fatigue, build resilience and awaken your creative brilliance' became a best-seller in 2020.  This accessibly written guide teaches readers the: 

  • Tough realities for change leadership
  • Intrapersonal skills for change capability
  • Brain basics for stress management
  • Nervous system know-how for fear management
  • Subconscious mind strategies for mindset success
  • Imagination activation for creativity and co-creation
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Just Imagine   

How might the energy of individuals and the collective team shift after hearing the stories, the science and the simple strategies from decades of academic, corporate and personal experience?  Energy is contagious in the workplace.  Consider where your team are on the pessimism vs optimism continuum.  More importantly, consider where they need to be to make a positive impact in 2021.



There is no silver bullet.  There is only intentional effort.

Right now, leadership feels more challenging than ever with so much uncertainty and change in the air.  Business transformation may be an imperative for most businesses to survive.  Meanwhile, personal transformation and creative expansion is imperative for individuals and teams to thrive.  Why?  Because when we know we belong in our tribe and when we feel calm and creative, this state and mindset underpins collaboration, ideation and innovation.  Reimagine Change asks leaders to validate the current human experience and then step into all that they are capable of.  

How the Reimagine Change framework can help: 

When you book Ciara to speak with your team, they will become informed and inspired about:

  • Change fatigue - Shine a light on the dark side of rapid workplace change, change fatigue and burnout.
  • Resilience - Be accountable for showing up differently and optimally contributing to culture and change.
  • Mental health & Mindset hacks - Know the signs and simple shifts to become self-secure amidst uncertainty.
  • Resources - Attendees receive a copy of best-selling book ‘Reimagine Change’ to sustain personal change.
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