Reimagine Change
It's not how agile you are...
It's how emotionally resourceful and resilient you are that counts.


Are you struggling to cope with overwhelm, change fatigue and burnout at work?  Are you lying awake at night, wondering how things go so bad for you and your team?  Are you hoping that the pace of organisational change slows down rather than speeds up?  Rest assured, you are not alone.

If you're grappling to deal with seemingly never-ending change expectations in business and beyond, this book can help.


What People Are Saying?

Reader Review

I had no idea of the definition of 'burnout' until I discovered this book. Fear of change is a natural phenomenon (at least in my life), but to identify and relate to the types of stresses placed on us each day through change couldn't be more relevant in these unprecedented times...This book is a great companion to anyone experiencing major workplace change, it can easily be used, reused and referenced for any stage of the change spectrum. 

Reader Review

Very timely, especially for businesses adapting to COVID impacts.  Finally, someone who has worked in the trenches of business transformation, who offers more than just platitudes about doing better. This book has concrete, data-driven techniques to promote continuous improvement in organisations of all sizes and industries. Some solid case studies make it an interesting read. 


Reader Review

Loved this book, it is so relevant to so many!  I think the book really speaks to people that struggle with change but it’s much more than that...When you finish this book you understand the true value of investing in yourself and taking time for self-development. So important for anyone working within a large organization at this unprecedented time.

Reader Review

This book is INTERESTING! We are talking about change, not the most exciting word in the dictionary, yet I couldn’t put it down. The combination of the science, stories, quotes, highly personal and emotive narrative and the brilliant framework made me want to keep reading it, applying it to my own situation.  Most importantly, it inspired me with the self-belief and new knowledge to change and grow.

This is an essential read for you, if you are in a leadership role, pivoting every few months, constantly frustrated by a team that you say isn’t listening to you. Perhaps you reached burnout two years ago and barely talk to your employees anymore. If this sounds familiar, read this book ASAP!

Reader Review

This is such a RICH and AUTHORITATIVE body of work and yet written with great empathy and connection. There are so many nuggets of gold including this one:

You need to upgrade your individual change capability at a speed equal to or greater than the expected pace of technology upskilling. Genuinely being with and being for people is at the core of human belonging and connection. You need to understand what this means within yourself before you can expand the energy outward to others. 

I would recommend this book to anyone in the business world that is feeling burnt out, disempowered and overwhelmed. Not only is it inspiring but full of tools and tips for genuinely turning business and personal fatigue and stress around, and moving forward emotionally resilience, more positive, and assuming the role of a change leader.


Reader Review

I found Reimagine Change to be a really good, INSIGHTFUL and easy to relate to read.  

The book highlighted my lack of knowledge of the physical and mental impacts burnout and change stress can have on an individual. The author’s expertise on this topic is evident and you can tell she genuinely knows how to assist those needing guidance.

I definitely think this is a hard copy style book with a pen or highlighter to help keep track of the points that most resonate.

The book made me consider how change fatigue isn't unique to the workplace and how life changes could equally impact someone’s mental state.



What's Inside? 

Part One - KNOW

In part one, we'll shine a light on the dark side of rapid change in business and beyond, so that you can begin the inner transformation required to become resilient, ready and resourceful.  We'll guide you through the tough realities impacting change leaders, the intrapersonal skills needed for change capability, as well as the brain basics for successful stress management.  By the end of part one, you will have gathered foundational self-leadership resources.


Part Two - GROW

In part two, we'll teach you how to become energised by change and transform from a Change Survivor to a Change Optimiser identity.  Here we'll eliminate any self-limiting narratives and future fears that may be holding you back, before introducing subconscious strategies for mindset success, and imagination activation for creativity and co-creation.  All of this will see you leading change from the front with intention and attention. In summary, Reimagine Change is your roadmap to fulfilling your change capable potential.

A special message from Ciara Lancaster.

"My wish is that by reading Reimagine Change, you truly do reimagine change – in all facets of your life. May it bring you peace of mind, as well as the purpose and passion to coach yourself and others through the personal challenges and opportunities that exponential change presents."





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