Future-Proof Your Resilience


#1 Bestseller in Organisational Behaviour (AU)

#1 Bestseller in Stress Management (USA)

'Finalist' 2021 Australian Career Book Award


It's not how agile you are...

It's how emotionally resourceful and resilient you are that counts.

Find out what it takes to optimally lead yourself through workplace change.

Are you struggling to cope with overwhelm, change fatigue and burnout at work?  Are you lying awake at night, wondering how things go so bad for you and your team?  Are you hoping that the pace of organisational change slows down rather than speeds up?  Rest assured, you are not alone.

If you're grappling to deal with seemingly never-ending change expectations in business and beyond, this book can help.


Read the book: 'Reimagine Change: Escape change fatigue, build resilience and awaken your creative brilliance' became a best-seller during the peak of the pandemic. 'Reimagine Change' has recently been awarded a 'Finalist Medal' in the 2021 Australian Career Book Awards. 

This accessibly written guide teaches readers the: 

  • Tough realities for change leadership
  • Intrapersonal skills for change capability
  • Brain basics for stress management
  • Nervous system know-how for fear management
  • Subconscious mind strategies for mindset success
  • Imagination activation for creativity and co-creation

"Our ability to create change and navigate chaos is totally dependent on good brain health, being attentive to mindset and somatic wisdom - this is a terrific read that covers a broad range of topics in a useful framework, and with a very readable style. It is so timely, and I recommend to practitioners and leaders of organisations alike!"

"I had no idea of the definition of 'burnout' until I discovered this book. Fear of change is a natural phenomenon (at least in my life), but to identify and relate to the types of stresses placed on us each day through change couldn't be more relevant in these unprecedented times...This book is a great companion to anyone experiencing major workplace change, it can easily be used, reused and referenced for any stage of the change spectrum." 

"Very timely, especially for businesses adapting to COVID impacts.  Finally, someone who has worked in the trenches of business transformation, who offers more than just platitudes about doing better. This book has concrete, data-driven techniques to promote continuous improvement in organisations of all sizes and industries. Some solid case studies make it an interesting read." 

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