Join Australia's future-fit leaders upskilling in change leadership, adaptability and resilience that actually equips and empowers real change. 



"Teams fail to embrace constant change because they don't know how to start, sustain the energy and/or motivate the team around them.  Australian keynote speaker, Ciara Lancaster, has the insights and interactive stage experience to transform your team's journey. 10/10 recommend for your conference!"

Reimagine Change®  


Australia's #1 Conference Keynote on Change Resilience.


Speaker topics include:

  • Mindset, EQ & Team Resilience
  • Cultural Change & Psychological Safety
  • Change Management & Transformation


Prepare for your future of work:

  • 2024 is a new era
  • New energy is needed
  • Modern leaders must evolve


Prioritise team expectations for:

  • More change
  • More tricky transitions
  • More business transformation


Unsuccessful teams:

  • Navigate this alone
  • Experience change fatigue
  • Or worse, disengage and burnout


Successful, high-performing teams:

  • Unite and power-up human skills
  • Optimism, momentum and
  • Change leadership intelligence


The Reimagine Change® Difference:

  • Modern cinematic delivery style
  • Epic culture & change research
  • Engaging table activities


Your audience will learn:

  • How to combat the energy villain of change fatigue
  • How to become more optimistic during change, and
  • How to support and motivate one another to sustain the journey


Your audience will leave with:

  • Renewed enthusiasm towards change
  • A new toolkit of actionable insights
  • Bonus downloadable resources


Final words of wisdom:

  • Investing in team-wide change leadership is the greatest transformation of all
  • Feel fantastic by maximising psychological safety and minimising the psychosocial hazard of 'Poor Change Management'.
  • This keynote is not the best fit for conservative, safe, boring teams
  • This keynote is perfect for fun, curious, boundary pushers
  • All content is customised via a detailed briefing call
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“Ciara is an incredibly engaging and very energetic speaker.  The combination of responsiveness, research and table discussions reinforced the excellent change leadership messages.”


"Ciara was phenomenal…by far the best facilitator and speaker that I have seen! She was warm, engaging and welcoming. Having just finished the session, the room is absolutely feeling pumped and ready to tackle change moving forward!"


"An absolute pleasure! Despite our quick turnaround from briefing to event, Ciara came fully prepared with an impactful presentation. The table activities she designed brought our team closer together, helping us navigate both the emotional and practical sides of change with renewed confidence."


"Ciara was a delight to work with.  Always on the ball and quick to respond with our organisational requirements in the lead up to the conference.  Her professionalism never wavered, and she was one of the best received speakers of the event.  She is so bubbly and full of enthusiasm, it is infectious!"


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Ciara Lancaster is the #1 female speaker of choice for event planners and organisations looking for an uplifting closing keynote speaking experience.


Right now, you won't find a more relevant and highly relatable topic than rapid work/life change. Ciara's unique talent is blending the science of motivation and change leadership to create better leaders.


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