REIMAGINE CHANGE: From fatigued to fearless.
Let's create the conditions to turn this crisis into a catalyst by becoming adaptive, future-ready leaders.
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Australia's female keynote speaker and bestselling author dedicated to helping you transform your team from change fatigued to change fearless.

Ciara Lancaster's thought-provoking, keynote speaking content explores the connections between resilience building, change management and self-leadership success strategies.

Human skills are THE competitive advantage in the decade of disruption, the post-pandemic world and the future of work.

Ciara Lancaster, a former Change Manager at Deloitte Australia, combines stories, science and simple strategies from the stage to inspire a future-ready mindset reset.

Most importantly, in a world dominated by celebrity, Ciara brings authenticity, vulnerability and relatedness that the audience comments on time and time again.


Australia’s female speaker and bestselling author dedicated to helping you transform your team from change fatigued to change fearless.

Finally, a keynote speaker with real-world business experience, resilience AND stage presence. 

Ciara Lancaster, a former Change Manager at Deloitte Australia, has led teams of 500+ through change management, business transformation and digital innovation efforts.  Add to that, that she literally went on to write THE book on the topic.  During the peak of the pandemic, 'Reimagine Change' became a #1 best-seller in Organisational Behaviour and Stress Management.

You will frequently see Ciara Lancaster's thought leadership in the media.  The Financial Review, Sky News, In The Black, Women's Agenda and CEOWorld Magazine to name a few.

Keynote speaker, Ciara Lancaster, is also an alumna of Sydney University, University of New South Wales, Stanford University and The Mind Academy in the domains of Psychology, Economics, Organisational Change Management, Compassion Cultivation and Modern Psychology. 

Most importantly, in a world dominated by celebrity, Ciara brings authenticity, vulnerability and relatedness that the audience comments on time and time again.   

Ciara Lancaster knows that in the business world inspiration isn't enough.  It's all about impact.  For this reason, audience members will learn at least three action steps, as shared from the stage. Many leaders also gift their team copies of the book as a valuable post-event resource to embed the learnings.

If this is resonating with you and you are ready to transform your team from fatigued to fearless, then connect with Ciara Lancaster today.  Personal transformation is a powerful precursor to business transformation.  Let's do this!

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"Ciara provided exceptional value for our community, we look forward to having her back!"


Signature Topics  

What would you do if you felt fearless in the face of fast-paced change?

Ciara will liberate your team to take back control and take action via self-leadership and team success strategies.

Experience the signature keynote, "From change fatigued to change fearless".

Your team will learn:

  • Change fatigue and burnout risks and realities
  • Psychological safety and nervous system implications
  • Stress management and mindset hacks for personal success
  • Connection and collaborative risk-taking for team success

Walk away with clarity and confidence to change how you show-up and contribute to fast-paced change in the workplace and beyond.

Attendees leave with a copy of best-selling book 'Reimagine Change' that acts as an action plan to sustain personal and team transformation.

Talk to Ciara about tailoring this to align with conference themes and corporate values.

EVENT ORGANISERS:  To help make things easier, please find a speaker sheet below.  Beyond that, reach out via email to request the speaker pack, complete with speaker introduction, biography and AV requirements.  Please email [email protected]

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"It was great having Ciara join us for our recent company update. Her content was expansive and in particular, her pointers around celebrating experimentation, encouraging our people to take risks and fail, and to challenge each other to ensure we don’t repeat what might have worked in the past was particularly powerful and relevant for our business"


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