Welcome to the site, I'm Ciara Lancaster.
I am so thrilled our paths have crossed during these unprecedented times.
Please find my formal bio below to assist you with your enquiry. 


Hi, I’m Ciara Lancaster.  Welcome to the site.  I’m thrilled that our paths have crossed at this stage of your life.  Today, I am the Coaching Director of Reimagine Change.  There have been so many life lessons to be learned to get this stage.  Please find my formal bio below to assist you in deciding if we’d be the right fit.

Author Biography (Short Edit)

Ciara Lancaster is a change fatigue and resilience specialist at Reimagine Change.  Her focus is to help leaders at all levels to manage uncertainty, mitigate stress and modernise their mindset.  She is also the author of new book 'Reimagine Change: Escape change fatigue, build resilience and awaken your creative brilliance'. To find out more, please visit www.reimaginechange.com.

Author Biography (Long Edit)

Ciara Lancaster, a former Big 4 Professional Services Change Manager, is the Author and Coaching Director of REIMAGINE CHANGE.

REIMAGINE CHANGE is a six-step framework – now a book, e-book and online program – designed to help aspiring change leaders overcome overwhelm, change fatigue and burnout through intrapersonal upskilling. Her mission is simple: To recognise and rehumanise individuals to lead change by design, not default.

REIMAGINE CHANGE offers fresh and unique insights into this topic, as Ciara combines her corporate background and firsthand experience with in-depth research and commentary.

Prior to her own brush with burnout, Ciara worked at Deloitte, Bauer Media, Southern Cross Austereo and News Corp. Ciara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies (Psychology & Economics) from Sydney University, a Post Graduate Certificate in Organisational Change Management from the University of New South Wales, and a Diploma of Modern Psychology (Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy) from The Mind Academy. She also holds a certificate in Compassion Cultivation Training from Stanford University’s Center of Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CARE), and is a member of the Change Management Institute.

On top of writing, coaching and upskilling, Ciara lives in Sydney, Australia, with her partner and two energetic boys. 

A portion of book proceeds will be donated to suicide prevention charity R U OK?

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